Hospital bed sheets – the journey begins

Gina Owens

Finding good sheets for your hospital bed

When my wife, Gina first got her home hospital bed, sheets were a problem. Not only, did they not fit properly , the 60/40 cotton blend was pretty rough. Ouch !! I assumed we were not the first to experience this delima.I looked online for several months to fine some nice linens for her bed. You would have thought, I was looking for a needle in a haystack.

All at once – we found them

Gina Owens

Then like the farmer found his cow, ( all at once ) Teresa from Functionall-Linens came to our rescue. By that time, I had moved Gina into a larger bed that we shared. Teresa sent us a 100% Egyptian Cotton, Ergo Pocket Design. They are extremely nice and comfortable. The pockets on the side allows for easy access to all those items you would knock off your night stand in the middle of the night.

Go to and see why Gina gives them 5 stars. GEO.

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