About Us

About the folks at Tendercare Beds

Greg Verlander CEO

I knew there had to be a better option.

Not long after that, I met inventor Gary Owens. We shared stories of how no one in the medical industry had addressed the emotional needs of individuals and that everyone had the right to feel like your home was your “home” not an institution… Our mission from then on was to change that cold environment back to a “home”. Whether it be in a long term care facility, or a room in the home.  At that point TenderCare Beds set out to make a difference in the lives of people needing a hospital bed.

Greg Verlander , CEO

Gary Owens

I Built One For My Wife, Gina. Now Let Me Create One, Just For You.

My name is Gary Owens. My background is woodworking. My wife Gina and I were married in 1994. In February of 1998 our live changed forever, due to an extraordinarily debilitating disease. Out of medical necessity, Gina spent all of her days since then confined to our home, in bed.To make her feel better, I designed and built her a beautiful headboard for her bed. From that effort, TENDERCARE BEDS was born. Our Goal is to create a company small enough to give personal service, but large enough to build beds for everyone who wants one.

Gary Owens