Electrical Adjustable Beds

hospital bed in assisted living with headboard

What are the benefits of using Electrical Adjustable Beds?

An electrical adjustable bed provides the patient or caregiver with the ability to control the head, foot, or height of the bed through the use of a remote control. Although there is a noticeable difference in price between a manual and electric model, the added convenience provided by the electric bed makes the additional cost worthwhile.

Adjustable Electrical Beds …. Addressing Specific Needs

Although electrical adjustable beds can certainly benefit any patient receiving home health care, there are some specific advantages to this type of bed. Patients and caretakers choose electric beds because they provide:

  • Relief for Patients with Back and Neck Pain
  • A More Natural Sleeping Position
  • Fewer Problems in Getting in and Out of Bed
  • Provided Additional Features Such as Massage

When you consider these advantages, it is easy to understand why patients who are experiencing long-term home health care prefer electrical adjustable beds. Those who experience chronic back or shoulder pain can easily find relief. Patients who have difficulty sleeping discover lying in a slightly inclined position can finally enjoy a good night’s sleep.

It is of course much easier to get in and out of bed when it is positioned much lower to the ground, and the addition of features such as heat and massage can add a great deal to a patient’s comfort.

Choosing the right Electrical Adjustable Bed

Even the basic Electric adjustable bed offers some great advantages to the patient as well as the home health care-giver. Because every function of the electric bed can be operated by remote control, the patient has the ability to raise or lower their head and feet without having to seek assistance from the care-giver.

Circo Electric Home Hospital beds

Circo-electric home hospital beds are far more specialized. They are designed to rotate the patient within circular bars, proving to be of great benefit for patients who must be moved or rotated on a specific schedule. There are also Clinitron and Low Air Loss beds which have been designed to assist patients who have various types of skin issues.

Using an Electric and Adjustable Hospital Bed

Each type of electrical adjustable bed has been designed to serve a specific purpose, or type of patient. The basic electric bed serves the needs of ambulatory patients, or ones who facing a short period of recovery. Because of skin grafts, patients who are recovering from burns must be moved or rotated on a regular basis. Due to the sensitivity of their skin, it is preferable to move them without direct human contact. The Circo-electric bed allows the patient to be automatically rotated on a specific schedule within a system of circular bars, therefore requiring no direct body contact by the care-giver.

Spinal injuries

Another type of patient benefiting from the Circo-electric unit is one who has suffered spinal cord injury. This bed will greatly reduce the amount of pain experienced when changing position in order to protect the skin from irritation and infection.

Skin Problems need special help

The Low Air Loss and Clinitron beds also provide relief to those who suffer from skin issues. Through adjusting the pressure placed on areas of the skin, patients do not have to be concerned with bed sores and other issues resulting from a prolonged period of time in a hospital bed.

The most important thing to remember when choosing an electric adjustable hospital bed is to think about what your patient needs in the short and long term. There are many types of hospital beds available for home use. Discuss with your doctor what type of bed will benefit the user most in the first year, second year and for the long-term.

Remember that using hospital bed at home does not have to make you feel like you’re living in a hospital. There are many ways to decorate and accessorize so that your loved ones feel at home — even when they’re home and hospital bed. Naturally we think our Tendercare beds are a perfect solution to helping your loved ones feel at home..

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