Hospital Bed Rentals

Renting a hospital bed for home use

Because purchasing a hospital bed may involve a significant investment, many people choose to rent instead of buying. This is particularly true should the bed be necessary for just a short time. Since it is possible to rent the bed, as well as any needed accessories, providing a family member with the short or long-term home health care is very simple. Although it is even possible to rent sheets and other bedding most people choose to purchase their own, making linens the only items requiring purchase.

Hospital Bed Rentals …. Should you to Rent or Buy?

The decision whether to purchase a Hospital bed, as opposed to renting one, isn’t that difficult to make. In fact, it’s really quite simple. You should first make sure you are comparing apples to apples, the prices of hospital beds will vary greatly. Even one added feature can raise the cost significantly. Consider the length of time you will need the bed, if it is for a short-term you will probably be better off renting.

By simply dividing the purchase cost by the projected months of use and then comparing that figure to the monthly rental fee you will be able to determine which method better suits your needs.

Beginning the Process of Renting a Hospital Bed

Although it’s possible to rent virtually any type of medical equipment you might need, there are procedures which must be followed in order to receive reimbursement from your carrier. You should first speak with the patient’s physician, Insurance carriers and Medicare both require a prescription for the hospital bed and any other supplies and equipment that might be needed. Make sure the doctor is specific in regards to the mattress; these are typically rented separately from the bed.

After you have the prescription contact Medicare or your Insurance carrier to make sure everything is included in your policy, be sure you are clear as to what is covered as well as any “caps” which might be in place. Also ask if there are specific suppliers they would suggest, this way you will lessen the chance of being denied full rental re-imbursement.

Discovering what is available for renting a Medical Bed

Although you can rent any type of hospital bed and mattress, there are two factors which can create significant issues.

  • Equipment Availability
  • Rental Cost

Keep in mind you will not be approved by Medicare, or your Insurance carrier, unless the bed and mattress you rent are exactly as the doctor prescribed. You cannot substitute with a bed or mattress which is only “close” to the prescription, if there is a problem in finding the exact equipment, or if the rental cost is higher than Medicare or your Insurance carrier will cover, you may find yourself having to pay a higher out-of-pocket expense.

That is why you should always rent from Medicare-approved suppliers. They are able to locate the exact equipment you will need, and you will be able to feel secure you are charged only what is Medicare approved..

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