Will this headboard fit my bed?

Will these headboards and foot boards fit my hospital bed?

The number one question we usually get, when someone see’s our beautiful bed ends for the first time is, will they fit my bed? This section is dedicated to answering that question.

Short Term Hospital Beds - Not a fit

Short term and long term hospital beds

There are basically two types of hospital beds. The first is short- term care beds, which are used in hospitals, for short term medical treatment.

These beds are very bulky and have many electronic controls on them. It’s not our intent to change the appearance of these beds.

Long Care Hospital Beds

The second one is home or long-term care beds. This is the type, you probably have and the one we can transform into a beautiful piece of furniture. I will break this type into two sub-types.

Home care beds are used in private homes and some long-term care facilities. Some of their manufactures include:

  • Invacare
  • Graham Fields
  • Medline
  • Drive
  •  Joerns
  • NOA
  • and Others

Hospital Beds we DO FIT

Home-like Environments strongly in demand

With cultural change taking place and the new CMS guidelines, the desire for Home-like Environments has never been as important and in such demand. Long-term care beds can be used in private homes, but are usually found in long term skilled nursing facilities, such as nursing homes, assisted living, hospice care, and ALTC hospitals. They can also be found in sleep centers, recovery units and birthing centers.

Slide over installation

Our Head and Footboards fit long-term care beds by either sliding over the ends or by the use of custom sleeves we provide, depending on the type of bed. This will vary on a case by case basis. The important thing is, most beds will fit. A few manufacturers including Joerns, Graham Fields, and NOA.

If we have not listed your bed, please call us at 877 407-4440

This should give you an idea of the type of beds we fit. There are just to many to list them all. If we have not mentioned your bed, please call us. We will make every effort to provide you with a perfect fit.

Easy installation – No tools needed!

Our Head and Footboards simply slip over these bed ends, like a glove would slide over your hand (see our video down at the bottom of this page). It instantly transforms an ugly hospital bed into a beautiful piece of home furniture.

” You want the patient to feel as if they were in their own bed and environment. This can be done… even when your life shrinks to a single room. ”

… Greg Verlander, TCB

Its easy and fast to transform your bed!

Here is a quick video showing just how simple the tendercare headboard and footboard sets are to install.